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When is the correct time to take your child to the dentist?

Posted 22nd June, 2019

As a parent, you always have your child’s health at the forefront of your mind. However, a large percentage of parents don’t have the same concern when it comes to their child’s dental health. 

In the UK, a shocking two in five children have not visited the dentist in the past year. We want to work with parents to improve these statistics and educate people on the importance of dental health from a young age. 

We have put together this guide for parents who are unsure of how to introduce their child to the dentist, and when they need to do this. 

When should you start bringing your child to the dentist?

Many parents are unsure when they should register their child at a dental practice. You should start taking your child for regular dental check-ups with a dentist when their first milk teeth start to appear, or when they turn one – whichever is sooner. 

What is the best way to introduce your child to the dentist?

We always recommend that our patients bring their children along to their own dental appointments. Doing this from when your child is a baby will get them used to the environment of the dental practice. The sights, sounds and smells will be familiar to them already when they come to have their own appointments. 

We know that many patients feel anxious when they come to visit the dentist. However, it is important that you try not to show this to your child. They will pick up on your nerves and can affect how they feel about the situation. 

Why is it important for your child to regularly visit the dentist?

Tooth decay is currently the most common reason that children are having to spend time in hospital. Despite this being completely avoidable, the amount of cases that have to be referred to a hospital is ever increasing. 

Dental check-ups are vital for children. It allows the dentist to check for any early signs for potential problems in later life, including alignment issues. The dentist will also offer you, the parent, vital advice on looking after your child’s teeth and making sure they get the best possible start to their oral hygiene care.

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