What’s in a Smile? 4 things your smile says about you

Whilst some people are quite happy to get in front of the camera and show off all their teeth with a big, wide smile, others simply shiver at the very thought of it. No matter how good our teeth, we are not all programmed to enjoy showing them off. But did you know, how and when you smile says much more about you than you might have realised? Read on to learn more about the art of smiling.

1. I’m friendly

A genuine, natural smile is one of the most obvious ways that humans convey friendliness to others. It indicates that you are open and outgoing, and willing to drop your barriers by exposing yourself a little. A true smile is about so much more than the teeth though; there is a lot of truth in the traditional saying ‘smile with your eyes’. A true and sincere smile of friendliness involves both the mouth and eyes. And while a big grin can be forced, it is impossible to convincingly force the rest of your face to follow suit. Next time someone sends you a smile, take a look at what their eyes and cheeks are really saying.

2. I’m Confident

We all know that just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we shouldn’t judge a person based on first impressions. Yet, in almost every area of our lives – both personal and professional – we do just that on a daily basis. Several studies indicate that a person with a broad smile is typically perceived as being more confident and more professional – and this can actually result in greater opportunities being available to them.

3. I’m Positive

It may seem obvious, but a genuine smile is a great sign of a positive and open personality. Research indicates that people who spend a greater amount of their lives smiling have a lasting, positive outlook that has direct benefits on their overall sense of well being. Like laughter, smiles are contagious and can also have an uplifting effect on those around you. Think of anybody you would describe as an extrovert, and observe how generous they are with their smiles. Indeed, this is often a large part of what attracts people to them.

4. I Look After Myself

As humans we are unique, and this includes our teeth. No two people have the same smile – some have naturally ‘fangy’ teeth, others have gaps. Some have crowded or uneven teeth, while others appear to be gifted with a ‘perfect’ Hollywood smile. Whilst we can’t do a lot to change the way our bodies are naturally made, there are many dental interventions that can help with common problems affecting your smile such as missing or damaged teeth, staining or crooked teeth. In such situations, getting the right dental treatment for your teeth can be about more than just improving your confidence – it can convey to people a positive message that you value yourself and are willing to invest in your health.

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