Tooth extraction dentist in Wrexham

There are many reasons why you may need a tooth extraction, and it is important to get one if it’s needed to protect your other teeth from infection from the damaged tooth. Your dentist in Wrexham will be able to extract your tooth, as well as replacing that tooth at a later date.

If you need a tooth extraction, contact our dental practice as soon as possible. We know it can be scary to think about getting a tooth extracted, so we will make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible throughout.

What’s the process?

Before the procedure begins, we may take x-rays of your teeth to get a better look at the area and pinpoint the problem. This can also help us to identify any other problems that may have occurred in the mouth.

Once you are ready for your procedure, you may be placed under sedation or on local anaesthetic, depending on the severity of your case. Your dentist in Wrexham will begin by enlarging the socket that your tooth is in to give more room to separate the tooth from the ligament. The bone that holds the root of your tooth is relatively spongey, meaning that by simply rocking the tooth back and forth, it causes the bone to decompress, making it easier to extract. By doing this, it creates enough space for us to separate the tooth from the ligament, which is one of the main things holding your tooth in place.

This procedure has no pain, due to the numbing effect of the anaesthetic, this is great to know for people who may be worried about an extraction. Your pain transmitters become numb, meaning it doesn’t hurt, but you will feel slight pressure. Our patients are surprised after some extraction procedure as they thought it would have hurt more.

When do I need an extraction?

Wisdom teeth

One of the most common reasons why people get tooth extractions is due to their wisdom teeth growing through without enough space. Because your wisdom teeth tend to take longer to grow than your other teeth, it means that when they do grow there may not be enough space between your other teeth for it to push through. This can cause pain and is an important reason to get a tooth extraction.


Tooth decay can also be a reason for a tooth extraction, as if you leave the tooth to decay for too long, the damage can become irreparable. This can also spread to your other teeth, possibly causing infection, so it is important to contact your dentist in Wrexham for an extraction if this happens.

Broken tooth

Another reason why you may need an extraction is if you have an accident and damage your teeth, and it can’t be repaired. Having a broken tooth can be incredibly painful, and also puts pressure on the surrounding teeth. This is why it is important to contact our dental practice as soon as possible after breaking a tooth.


Sometimes, when your teeth grow, there may not be enough space in your mouth to home them. This is why it can be necessary for you to get an extraction of these overcrowded teeth, so that the pressure can be alleviated and any problems that come from it can be minimised.