The need for you to stay in touch with our dentist in Wrexham

Your teeth make up one of the most used and exposed parts of the human body and this is something that many of us may not consider until we have had an incident that has led to us losing a tooth or several teeth. All too often people underestimate the negative effects not having correct oral care can have on their lives, leading them to have little regard for their oral health and hygiene and this can lead to them developing severe dental issues.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining high standards within your oral health and hygiene is visiting our dental practice for regular oral check-ups. It is imperative to receive any treatments you may need that will help to protect your teeth and keep them in a condition allowing them to last you the rest of your life without any major issues.

By visiting our dentist in Wrexham, you will ensure that you are giving your teeth and gums the greatest chance to serve you indefinitely, as well as gaining advice and treatments that will help you achieve high and stable standards within your oral health and hygiene.

Your personal needs will be catered for

What every patient wants to know when they visit our dentist in Wrexham is that they will be treated as an individual and with respect. Our team of dental professionals take great pride in knowing that they go to every length to make each patient feel listened to; giving them the knowledge that their needs are met, and their concerns are being paid attention to.

The aim is to give every patient a chance to achieve the best possible oral wellbeing by tailoring check-ups and treatment plans to meet each individual patient’s needs.

The team at the dental practice will always come across as friendly and compassionate, but will also be understanding about the need to listen to the patient and not rush them into any treatment they are not comfortable with, this is especially true of nervous patients.

In case of emergency

Toothache can strike at any time, and this will lead to someone living with pain and discomfort, it may also lead to someone experiencing nights when they find it hard to sleep which can create problems of its own, making any toothache appear more pronounced in the mind of the person suffering from this kind of pain.

If you are a patient who is living with an unexplained, sudden, and persistent toothache then you know that you can contact our dentist in Wrexham to access the emergency care you may require to treat the source of the toothache you are experiencing.

If you chip or fracture a tooth, or have a tooth fall out of position in the mouth you may want to contact our dental practice straight away, in order to gain the best advice possible and obtain an emergency appointment if required. The aim is to see you within twenty-four hours of you making contact, so that you can receive any treatment you may need to start easing any pain you are experiencing.

We are an independent family dental practice, and take pride in offering high quality affordable dental care.