The importance of visiting the Dentist in Wrexham

Why choose us?

Although location plays an important part in choosing a dental practice there are many other factors that should be considered to ensure you are receiving the best dental service. These include the methods and treatments used combined with the patient’s care and overall wellbeing.

Our dental team is up to date with all the most current dental knowledge and strives to use both traditional and modern dentistry to provide the best possible care. Alongside this, the dental practice uses a variety of modern technologies which, similarly to the dental knowledge, are constantly being refreshed to implement the highest services and systems to each patient. By keeping up to date with modern dentistry the practice is able to provide its patients with the most up-to-date, affordable treatments possible including orthodontics and cosmetic treatments. Our dental team are also on point when it comes to ensuring their patients have an overall positive experience at the Dentist in Wrexham. Whether a new patient, a nervous patient, or a regular to our dental practice we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of care whilst providing a safe, comfortable environment for each patient.

Why are regular appointments important?

Dental check-ups are of extreme importance as they enable your dental team to work using the preventive dental method. This means that early intervention can take place as soon as a dental issue becomes apparent and prevent more complex procedures or treatments further down the line. Alongside this is the fact that whilst the patient’s oral hygiene method at home is extremely important as it provides the daily care of the teeth and gums, it is only one part. The second part requires dental knowledge and this is where the Dentist in Wrexham comes in. By working together as a team in and out of the dental practice, the patient’s oral hygiene will be constantly improved and maintained at a high standard of care.

Visiting as a child

Our practice encourages regular dental check-ups with children from around six months old. Whilst teeth may not be growing through just yet for some babies, this implementation of the visit to the dental practice has far-reaching benefits later in life by reducing the possibilities of being afraid of the Dentist in Wrexham. Fears and anxieties can often prevent people from visiting their dental practice and as a result treatment of dental problems can continue to deteriorate. Through relaxed, positive reinforcement of visiting the dental practice early in life, the patient is being conditioned to accept these visits as a positive, regular occurrence. Working in conjunction with the mental health aspect of the visits, regular check-ups as a child also enable preventive methods to be put in place with regards to reducing and eliminating the buildup of plaque. This can be done using different methods which include applying fluoride applications to the teeth or tooth coloured fissure sealants.

Please note, each dental treatment and procedure can carry a potential risk. We therefore encourage all our patients to seek further information and advice from their local dental team.