The dental services you may not associate with a dentist!

The bread and butter of a dental clinic may be incisors and molars, but we do more than just drill teeth; the skill set of our dentist in Wrexham with a well-stocked clinic can do more, like dermal fillers and tooth whitening. You have probably heard of such procedures but having them performed at a dental surgery can easily be misunderstood, due to the marketing strategies of some questionable providers. It’s time to sort out the wheat from the chaff and answer your questions along the way.

Dermal fillers permanently change your face

No, they do not. This is not true but there is some swelling in the first hour after receiving a filler. Then, it is slowly broken down and fully absorbed into the body within 6 months with many patients opting to then have their fillers replaced

Fillers are always safe

In general, correctly applied fillers are very safe, there are times where it may be best to avoid them or delay your treatment until a later date. If you have an active cold sore, it could be spread across the injection site by the dermal filler needle or if you are going to have a facial massage or any dental work performed within a few hours of receiving a filler.

Fillers are made from acid

Well, they are not made from acid, but hyaluronic acid is the primary ingredient in the most pedantic way. Yes, it lacks clarity and doesn’t really tell us much; both ketchup and battery acid are acidic but that does not make them comparable. Hyaluronic acid is a normal component of tissue, with the average human having about 11% hyaluronic acid. It is considered biologically inert and allergic reactions to it are extremely rare.

The beauty salon does dermal fillers, why should I go to a dental surgery?

There are many outlets which will provide dermal fillers. Fillers are not regulated in the UK, which means they can be performed by anyone without training. Our dentist in Wrexham can not only provide fillers but our experience with facial anatomy training, patient care and medicine allows for a safer and more regulated service.

Home bleaching teeth is the same as having it performed in a clinic

They are similar in method but the concentration of the agent used and the treatment time is very different. The bleaching component used in both is hydrogen peroxide but the kits approved for home use contain less than 1% of it. This makes it a lot safer, especially on the gums. The treatment in-clinic is more exact and can be more concentrated.

Home kits can be purchased through your local dentist

This is true and has several advantages. The bleaching gel is held in a bleaching tray which keeps it in place; in the clinic, we will form a tray around your teeth to ensure the gel remains in contact with the teeth and only the teeth. The trays that come in home kits are not personalised and are often ill-fitting. Also, by sourcing the products from our dentist in Wrexham, you avoid the risks of counterfeit medical goods that can come from online purchasing.