Spooky-looking ‘Dracula’ Cat Finds New Home At Last

With Halloween just around the corner, we couldn’t resist sharing the tale of one cat’s rather scary-looking teeth. Poor nine-year-old Timmy had been up for adoption a total of four times at Blue Cross rehoming centres. And when the unlucky moggy’s most recent stay extended to more that 100 days, staff began to worry that his Dracula-like fangs were putting off potential owners.

Animal Welfare Assistant, Lisa Kent said: “Timmy’s canine teeth stick out, making it look like he has fangs! His unusual appearance has meant that Timmy has had a lot of interest in the past, however he hasn’t had much luck at finding his forever home.”

Superstitions beliefs are one reason many black cats spend a long time waiting to find a new home. And staff feared Timmy’s vampire teeth were only making matters worse.

But underneath his macabre appearance, Timmy is just an ordinary, loving cat, as Lisa explained: “The only supernatural powers Timmy possesses are ones of unconditional love and affection, just like any other cat.”

Thankfully, cat-lover, Ann Drummond, wasn’t spooked when she saw Timmy on the Blue Cross website. “His fangs didn’t put us off at all – he’s the sweetest, friendliest cat,” says Ann. “Our previous cat had one fang, so he reminded us of her. Timmy’s such a character and we love him to bits”.

 Good luck, Timmy, from everyone at Gwersyllt Dental Centre. We hope you’ve found your forever home at last.