More than just a dentist in Wrexham

Dentistry has made amazing strides over the past decades from a starting point where you only had teeth pulled or filled and dentures constructed. Technology and dental science have taken the art of dentistry to a whole new level. Here at Gwersyllt Dental Practice we have a comprehensive preventive dentistry programme. We believe that prevention is an important part of the struggle to achieve oral health which in turn will benefit your general health. Your dentist in Wrexham offers a range of additional services to help you achieve a healthy life. In addition to our full range of dental treatments we believe that you will benefit from our comprehensive health screening service. This service includes taking your blood pressure, and doing a cholesterol and glucose screening. We will also discuss your height to weight ratio, as well as your BMI.

Prevention starts with the young

We believe that parents should bring their children to the surgery when they attend for their appointments. This allows the children to identify with their parents that the dentist’s surgery is a safe and secure place that is there to help them. Seeing their parents in the dentist’s chair will instil a calm and relaxed attitude to the dentist and the surgery. We also get the opportunity to develop a relationship and to identify any problems that may manifest in their later life. Correcting teeth or jaw misalignment is a lot easier if it is done earlier rather than later. Education on how to brush and floss so as to maintain healthy teeth and gums is another reason to introduce children from a young age.

The gateway to your body

Your mouth is the gateway to your body and should be treated with the importance it deserves. As a responsible dentist in Wrexham we listen to your concerns and make it our mission to educate you on all aspects of healthcare, especially those affected by your mouth. What you eat and drink will affect not only your teeth and gums, but your whole body, so we believe that as the guardians of your mouth we are best placed to help you maintain a healthy body.

Effects of poor oral hygiene

It is no secret that what we eat and drink not only has a positive or negative effect on our bodies, but also on our teeth and gums. Tooth decay caused by too much sugar in drinks and our food is a common problem. But tooth decay and gum disease can affect far more than just our mouth. Harmful oral bacteria can cause headaches and even more serious problems that affect your lungs and even your heart. The dentists and hygienists here that work at our dentist in Wrexham are ever alert and when you visit we will always examine your mouth for any signs that may point us to possible problems. New patients also receive an extensive assessment of their teeth, gums, jaw and bite as well as oral cancer screening.

Aesthetic treatments

We also believe that if you want aesthetic treatment it should be done under sterile and safe conditions. Our treatment rooms are ideal for anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments, because they provide the correct conditions under which to deliver these treatments.