Meeting the oral health needs of patients as a dentist in Wrexham

You want to have the best oral health possible and probably go to great lengths to ensure that you do everything you can to promote the highest standards of oral health and hygiene. We all know that the first line of defence against the risks posed to our teeth and gums from common dental health issues is brushing twice a day as recommended by dental professionals. This regular dental routine is always the best way to minimise the risks that come with issues such as gum disease, tooth decay and plaque build-up.

There will be times in your life when you will need to seek a little help and advice from professionals, as this will help you to maintain your oral hygiene standards at a high level. So, visiting a dental practice is something we must all do for our dental checkups and to receive any treatments we may need if we are to ensure our teeth will last us an entire lifetime.

At Gwersyllt Dental Practice, our dentist in Wrexham is committed to helping all our patients to achieve the highest standards of oral health and hygiene they possibly can, treating each patient as an individual while doing so.

Stick to your checkups

By visiting our dentist in Wrexham for your regular oral health checkups, you will be able to ensure you do the right thing for your teeth and gums as well as provide yourself with a direct path to any dental treatments you may require. As a patient, you should seek to attend dental appointments every six months to undergo dental checkups. During these checkups, your teeth and gums can be fully examined, and the results can be acted upon once they have been noted in your patient case file.

You should use your dental checkup time to communicate openly and honestly with any professionals involved in your dental treatment by voicing any concerns you may feel are important and asking any questions you may have about any treatment being recommended to you. Communication is one of the strongest tools in the fight for high standards for your oral hygiene; this starts with you, and no dental professional working with us will ignore your questions and concerns.

Should you require treatments to prevent any issues you may have from worsening, this can be decided during your checkup; a treatment plan can be created to suit your individual needs, and the timing for your treatment can be agreed upon. Should you need to be referred to other professionals within or linked to our clinic, such as a hygienist, then your appointment time can facilitate this in a quick and easy manner.

Doing what’s right for your oral health and hygiene

We know you want to do what is right for your teeth and gums in order to enjoy the best possible oral health and hygiene standards. This makes it extremely important that you choose to engage with our dentist in Wrexham.

We at Gwersyllt Dental Practice are an independent family dental practice offering high-quality, affordable dental care.