How to make sure that your teeth have a happy Christmas

We are officially allowed to talk about Christmas now that we’re in December. 

Christmas and New Year celebrations can be a challenging time for our teeth. Between our busy schedules and the amount of tempting indulgent treats that are around, we definitely put our teeth through their paces in December. 

This Christmas, give your teeth some thought when you enjoy the festive season. We have put together our top tips for you to follow, to make sure your teeth don’t suffer. 

Good oral hygiene

If you want healthy, strong teeth, it is vital that you have excellent oral hygiene. This is just as important, if not more important, at Christmas time than the rest of the year. Our diets tend to be much more luxurious over Christmas, meaning your teeth will be coming into contact with lots of sugary, acidic and sticky foods – all things that your teeth dislike. To protect your teeth from any damage, you need to be brushing, flossing and rinsing with alcohol-free mouthwash on a regular basis. At least, you should be brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice per day, flossing with dental tape or interdental brushes once per day, and rinsing each time you brush. 

Reduce grazing

At Christmas time, we tend to graze and snack throughout the day much more than we usually would. The types of foods we enjoy over the festive season are high in sugar, sticky and are high in acidity. Frequent snacking on these foods mean our teeth are in constant contact with acid and sugar. This can lead to your teeth being under attack, leading to tooth decay. 

Don’t use your teeth as tools

Your teeth may be strong, but they are only designed for eating with. Using them as tools is not a good idea, even if your party trick is opening a bottle with your teeth. This can put strain on your teeth, which often leads to chips, cracks, breaks or even losing a tooth altogether. This also includes tearing sellotape whilst wrapping, breaking off tags and cracking open nuts. Nutshells can not only break a tooth, but the small shards can get stuck between teeth, and even make their way under the gumline. 

Limit alcohol

If you drink alcohol, your intake may go up throughout December as you attend parties, gatherings, or just want to enjoy a glass or two in front of the TV. It is important to know the dangers of alcohol on your teeth. Some of the nation’s favourite festive tipples such as prosecco and mulled wine are very dangerous for your dental health. They are highly acidic, which leads to your enamel being attacked. If you do want to enjoy a glass or two, make sure to drink some water afterwards to help neutralise the acidity levels in the mouth. 

Book in your 2020 appointment

Having your next dental and hygienist appointment booked in already is a great way to start a new year. During an appointment with one of our dentists at Gwersyllt Dental Care, your teeth, gums and soft tissues will be carefully examined for any early signs of potential problems. Early detection will mean easier, quicker and cheaper dental treatment. 

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