Emergency Dentist Abroad – How To Avoid A Holiday Disaster

It’s the time of year when many of us jet off to foreign climes for our annual summer holiday. When you’re packing your sunblock and swimsuit, spare a thought for your teeth. Just a few preparations before you go can avoid a lot of hassle later. Leaving you free to enjoy your trip.

Prevention is better than cure

If you’ve got an underlying dental problem, the last place you want to find out about it is on holiday. So if you haven’t had a checkup for a while, or you’re having tooth problems, book an appointment before you go. Your dentist will check your teeth and treat any issues, giving you a clean bill of dental health before you get on a plane.

Get your European Health Insurance Card

Emergency dental treatment abroad could be very expensive. If you’re going to Europe on holiday, remember to pack your European Health Insurance Card. The card entitles you to essential medical treatment while you’re away. And it’s free to apply for an EHIC.

Make sure you’re covered

Travel insurance may be the most boring purchase you make for your holiday. But you’ll thank yourself later if the worst does happen while you’re away. Seeing an emergency dentist abroad could cost quite a lot of money. So make sure your policy covers you for dental treatment.

Fingers crossed you won’t need to use your insurance. But if you do need emergency dental treatment on holiday, remember to keep all your receipts. Doing so will mean you can claim the money back when you get home. And, ask the dentist who treats you to give you details to support your claim, such as what caused the problem and the treatment given.

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