Happy Holidays, Healthy Teeth

The summer holidays are upon us and the kids are more than happy in anticipation of six weeks without school. Parents, on the other hand, tend to be a little less excited as they try to figure out just how to keep the children occupied. Sadly, most of us don’t get to enjoy a month and a half of freedom. Whether you’re going on an adventure holiday, sending your kids to an activity camp or simply entrusting them to the grandparents, it is important to ensure that your children’s teeth stay healthy during the holidays. Here’s how you can help.

1. Sweets & Snacks

Left to their own devices, children will quite happily live off snacks and sweets rather than waste precious playing time sitting at the dinner table. And with all the commitments you have as a busy adult, it is easy to take the course of least resistance and let them do just this. Unfortunately, snacking between meals can be a major cause of tooth decay, especially if sugary snacks are consumed. Making sure your children have a balanced and nutritious breakfast and dinner will help to offset hunger and reduce snacking. If you do give your children snacks, try to keep them as natural and healthy as possible, opting for low sugar snacks wherever possible. Also try to avoid allowing your children to consume too many sweets. If they are given chocolate and other confectionary, this is best eaten at mealtimes to reduce how long teeth are exposed to sugar for.

2. Drinks

Research has shown that drinks with high sugar content are a major cause of tooth decay in children – so much so that new rules have been introduced to help prevent them being advertised to young audiences. When the sun is shining and the kids are active, it is essential that they stay fully hydrated. However, do your best to ensure that they drink sugar free or at least low-sugar drinks as much as possible. The best drink of all is pure water – although you might struggle to convince the kids on this one.

4. Brushing

Another big risk during the summer holidays is that your children fail to keep to their tooth brushing regime. Recent reports show that late nights are one of the biggest culprits, especially when it comes to teenagers, who often claim to be too tired to brush, or simply forget. The biggest problem is when children stay up later than you do and therefore don’t have any supervision. The same is also true of they stay in bed until after you’ve gone to work.

Make sure that you have a system in place to ensure that teeth are being brushed properly at least twice a and be sure to remind them at appropriate times – the dinner table is an ideal place for such conversations. Admittedly your interest may not be popular, but they’ll come to appreciate it one day!

4. Bangs and Bumps

In your efforts to get your child doing more than simply sitting in front of the TV, you’ve probably done your best to ensure that their holidays include a healthy dose of outdoor activities. Whatever sport or activity your child will be participating in, make sure that they wear any protective equipment that is recommended. If your child is involved in a bang or a bump involving the teeth or jaws, it is worth contacting your dentist for advice – even if there is no evidence of damage. In most cases, there is no need to worry but it is always best to check in order to avoid future problems.

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