Get your smile back on track through our expert dentist in Wrexham

Putting the patient first

At Gwersylit Dental we believe that you (the customer) should be at the core of every treatment we offer. By incorporating some of the most cutting-edge and innovative dental technologies alongside our highly trained teams and years of first-hand experience we are a dentist in Wrexham that truly stops at nothing to create lasting and enhancing results on the faces of every patient we treat.

Our practice offers everything you could need, from family dentistry services to keep the whole clan happy, to invisible cosmetic braces and dental whitening to allow your smile to shine – and anyone who wants to go on a dental journey with us towards a healthier and happier smile needs only get in touch and arrange a consolation.

What does a dentist in Wrexham cost?

We believe that visiting an excellent quality, bespoke dentist in Wrexham should not be a privilege that is reserved only for those with a hefty bank balance. This is why we feel that offering all our new patients a dental care plan is the best way to allow patients to get the full benefits of our service, without compromising on care quality.

Patients who opt for this monthly dental care plan will receive access to a wider range of treatments, as well as receiving substantial discounts on any additional payments or sundries they may owe. Another advantage of choosing our care plan is that it comes with Worldwide Dental Trauma and Emergency Callout Insurance – which ensures that you will receive emergency dental care should ever you require it and that all patients pay the same amount which makes the system fair and equitable.

The new patient experience

Any new patients joining our practice can also have the operation to have an experienced practitioner review their oral condition prior to sitting in our dentist’s chair. This is made possible through smartphone technology, as patients can now simply take a ‘selfie’ image of their teeth and send it to our team before their first visit.

These images, alongside a description of what each patient is looking for from our service, help us guide you in the right direction and start things off immediately as we can create a customisable treatment plan and specials before your first visit.

What are invisible braces?

One of the most commonly sighted problems that patients of all ages voice to us here at Gwersylit Dental is having minorly misaligned, crowded, overlapping or gappy teeth. Many people are still of the impression that the only means of achieving a straighter smile is through fixed metal braces, however at Gwersylit Dental, we offer a cosmetic alternative that has a far less drastic impact on how you look.

These ‘invisible braces – such as the Six Month Smiles system – use clear brackets and wires which are tooth-coloured and made from transparent plastic so they have a far less visible impact when worn. Additionally, as suggested by the name, these treatments can align your smile in just six months (depending on the amount of treatment needed) which is a far shorter timeframe than traditional metal braces.