Festival Fun? Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush!

Although the weather might not show it, it is still summer and there are still some precious days of the summer holidays left before the kids go back to school and life returns to normality. Plus, there is a long weekend just around the corner. A perfect opportunity for a last minute camping adventure  – or a weekend at one of the many late summer music festivals around the UK. Of course, packing a tent and plenty of waterproof clothing is top of the list of priorities. There is one other item that you really shouldn’t go without – your toothbrush. Read on to learn why this should be one of the most important items to pack.

A Growing Trend

Here in Britain, we love a festival. Even if it does mean getting soaked to the skin and covered in mud. Of course, Glastonbury is the king of all festivals, but there are many others both well-known and not so well known throughout the country. As many as one in ten 18-34 year olds have either attended or are planning to attend a festival this summer. Many more people either side of this age group are also likely to do so.

Tempting Trouble

Despite a general increase in awareness of the importance of good oral health, research conducted by the Oral Health Foundation and Polo Sugar Free discovered that people are putting their oral health at risk when attending music festivals. The survey revealed that as many as thirty percent of festival goers brushed their teeth as little as once a day or even less. They are putting themselves at serious risk of experiencing trouble with their teeth. By brushing your teeth just once a day instead of the recommended twice, you increase the risk of tooth decay by up to 30% as acids are able to attack the teeth for considerably longer periods.

A Dangerous Diet

One of the problems associated with festivals is the typical diet. A typical festival goer’s diet was found to include large amounts of sugary foods and drinks, and of course there was plenty of alcohol in the mix. All of this means that brushing at a festival should be an even higher priority than usual. After eating anything sugary your teeth are attacked by acid for up to an hour. If you consume sweet products regularly throughout the period of a weekend, the attack will become continuous.

Positive Signs

Despite concern at the lack of brushing, the Oral Health foundation did also find some encouraging signs – a toothbrush was top of the packing list for over a quarter of people surveyed, and even came at a higher priority than other essentials such as deodorant, baby wipes and even toilet roll. Evidently, the intention is there – but like anything else, it is the action that is important, and in no place more so that protecting our teeth.

If you haven’t been to a festival yet but are still planning to, the advice is simple – pack your toothbrush, and remember to brush twice a day!

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