Emergency dental repair from our dentist

At our dentist in Wrexham, we understand that the emergency dental procedures cannot wait if you need it, and you may need it now. We reserve a set of bookings for emergency procedures so please feel free to get in contact with the clinic to book an emergency appointment.

What categorizes emergency dental care compared to less urgent procedures is time. Almost all dental procedures have a time factor with the longer you put on treatment, the more extensive the treatment has to be in order to still be effective with emergency dental care.That time window is critical and closes completely, so if treatment is not carried out within a few days or weeks, it would be completely ineffective.

Re-implanting teeth

Probably the best example of time-critical dentistry is reimplantation of teeth dislodged by a trauma. If a tooth has been dislodged from the jaw without being broken or the jaw itself is damaged this is referred to as an avulsed tooth and is an opportunity for the tooth to be reimplanted back into its original socket. But 30 minutes after the incident, the chances of successful implantation reduce drastically and the treatment of the tooth during the time it is out of the mouth is extremely important, as it still has living tissue of the pulp that needs to be supported as much as possible. Any attempt to clean, dry or sterilise the tooth will disrupt the still living tissue and make reimplantation far more problematic at our dentist in Wrexham.

Chips and cracks

Chips and cracks run the gamut from a few millimeters of a corner of a tooth to a critical fracture bisecting it from its crown deep into the root beneath the gum line. In the latter example, exposure of the nerve to air or hot and cold is extremely likely and the discomfort that comes with it will motivate rapid treatment. For a lesser chip, it may go entirely unnoticed after the initial trauma.

Both will get worse over time; the chip has exposed the softer more vulnerable dentin to the environment of your mouth, allowing cavities to set in as well as producing an excellent nook that bacteria will be able to shelter in avoiding being brushed away or washed out with mouthwash. A perfect storm for the formation of advanced decay and eventual tooth loss.

Dental abscess

An abscess can become very serious but most patients seek out help from our dentist in Wrexham before it becomes too critical. Mainly because of the extreme discomfort that dental abscesses will bring about, preventing sleep, eating and talking.

When they become genuinely hazardous is when a patient has a severe dental anxiety that will result in them continually putting off their appointment. Not only does this increase their torment but it has a genuine risk to their health, as a ruptured abscess can cause sepsis. If you have had a dental abscess that has suddenly disappeared, resulting in a general fever and a gray skin mottling, please contact your local hospital immediately as you are showing the signs of sepsis and require emergency medical care!