Choosing the right toothpaste

There is a clear and simple way for you to determine which toothpaste you should use. The criteria is based on:

a) the age of the person(s) using the toothpaste and

b) the level of fluoride consistency present in the toothpaste.

The simple way to break it down is that young children (up to three years of age) should use a toothpaste with a fluoride presence of a minimum of 1,000 parts per million, children aged 3-6 should use a toothpaste with a fluoride level of 1,350ppm – 1,500ppm, and adults should aim to use a toothpaste of at least 1,450ppm fluoride.

With regards to plaque removal, all toothpastes contain the necessary agents that are required in order to rid your teeth of plaque, and as a consequence there are no guidelines on toothpaste based on plaque removal effectivity.