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Not sure if you should have braces as an adult? 5 benefits of aligners from our dentist in Wrexham

It sounds odd, doesn’t it?

The idea of undertaking braces as an adult when you fought so desperately as a child to avoid having them fitted.

But, as is often the way, with age many people realise that there may have been unforeseen advantages to wearing braces as a child, which they may now be concerned are no longer available. Luckily, this is not the case; you can still get that straighter smile you want and you may not even have to wear metal braces!

At Future Health Partnership, our dentist in Wrexham has helped hundreds of adults to obtain a straighter smile. Using traditional braces, clear or invisible (or a combination of the 3) we can guarantee that we will be able to get that smile realigned, and you feeling great when you flash your teeth. Brilliant!

So, why should you undertake orthodontics as an adult? Are there any advantages to be gained? Read on to find out!

Straighter smile

This is the most obvious benefit, and while our dentist in Wrexham can attest to this benefit, you may not be convinced!

Studies have shown that when you have a straight smile, people are more likely to notice you, take you seriously and listen to your ideas. This has obvious advantages in the workplace, but in daily life too. And, as a result of having your ideas listened to, your confidence will bloom.

Better dental health

While you may remember your friend at school having to go to multiple hygienist appointments to keep their dental health in check, this may not be the case with adult aligners.

While it is ultimately the decision of our dentist in Wrexham which brace is the best for you, many are removable, allowing you to maintain better oral health. Long-term, you will find it easier to clean your teeth too, minimising issues like gum disease and tooth decay. A straighter smile is an easier smile to clean!

Better general health

As your teeth will be easier to clean, there will be less plaque and bacteria present in your mouth. As innumerable studies have shown, having excess amounts of plaque in your mouth is a bad thing, as it can seep into your body through your saliva and gums, which is not very desirable.

And so, simple by straightening your teeth, you will have reduced your likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer.

TMD reduction

TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) is an often degenerative condition of the jaw joint, which can lead to things like nocturnal grinding of teeth, alongside pain when eating or yawning.

While TMD may require a different orthodontic treatment to correct, a brace will realign your upper and lower jaw, reducing TMD and its associated symptoms.

Better sleep

And with no nocturnal grinding worsened by TMD, you can expect to notice an improvement in your sleep pattern. No more waking up with a stiff neck, no more headaches or disabling migraines to keep you awake, wearing a brace can truly change your life.

Want to makeover your smile? 4 common treatments that our dentist uses in dental makeovers

Did you know that it is now possible to makeover your smile?

A phrase that was once associated with makeup and clothing, many dental surgeries are now able to offer dental patients a treatment known as a dental makeover. As the name suggests, this is purely a cosmetic treatment, but it can have some remarkable results!

In a similar vein to makeup based makeovers, dental makeovers customise the techniques to correct your individual smile, leaving you with a grin that could make even red-carpet walkers jealous!

And at Future Health Partnership, our team has done just that!  However, while we cannot be sure that our dental makeovers have made any Hollywood celebrities jealous, we can attest to our dentist in Wrexham using a customised approach to each smile makeover, allowing each one of our patients to feel satisfied with their smiles.

So, what are some of the most common cosmetic procedures that make up one of our dental makeovers? Our dentist in Wrexham answers that question below.

Dental implants

Only really required when you have gaps in your smile, dental implants are one of the most common procedures that our dentist in Wrexham uses when giving someone a makeover.

Fitted to your jaw, these prosthetic teeth offer a sturdy, durable alternative to dentures and, as they can be customised to match your surrounding teeth perfectly, they won’t look out of place at all!


One way to add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your smile is with whitening.

While over-the-counter tubes of toothpaste can offer some whitening power, our team will be able to whiten your smile by up to 16 shades, using our specialised oxidising gels.

Applied to your teeth with a brush, these gels remove deeply set stains from your teeth, leaving you with pearly whites you can’t help but show off. We can offer you at-home whitening too, using custom-fitted trays. Depending on the type of whitening process you use, you can expect to see a noticeable change in your grin in about 14 days.


Do you want whiter teeth but are worried about sensitivity?

Then veneers may be able to offer the solution that you want! Able to whiten your smile by up to 18 shades, veneers are like false nails; placed over the front of your teeth and held in place with dental cement, they can conceal any discolouration or cracks that you may have.

They can also be used to close gaps, create better symmetry and lengthen teeth which have been shortened due to wear and tear.


Finally, the jewel in any dental makeover crown is adult based orthodontics.

While it may seem odd to associate a brace with cosmetics, it is now possible to have your teeth straightened using an invisible or clear brace, allowing you to move your teeth without attracting unwanted stares from colleagues. Faster than traditional braces, these also offer a more comfortable way to straighten your teeth, and rarely require extensive dental check-ups or tightening. Brilliant!

Need to correct an off-centre smile? Six facts about Six Month Smiles from our dentist

When you are looking for a way to straighten your smile, it is unlikely that you will want to spend more than a year wearing braces.

And while this may have once seemed like an unreasonable request, thanks to advances in adult orthodontics, you may now be eligible to straighten your teeth using one of the braces which offer an accelerated treatment. 

If you only require a minor alteration of your smile, you may be a bit less keen to undertake an orthodontic aligner which is designed to move your teeth in a more dramatic fashion. Luckily, there is a brand of cosmetic aligners, known as Six Month Smiles, which have been created for such an occurrence!

At Future Health Partnership, our dentist in Wrexham knows the ins and outs of the Six Month Smiles aligner, and can quickly assess whether or not you are suitable for this brace. And, with the simplicity of this brace, our team will be able to offer you all the support you need without too many dental appointments or additional inconvenience! What more could you want?

Want to learn more? Here are the top six facts about Six Month Smiles aligners from our dentist in Wrexham.

Not for complex cases

As stated earlier, this is not a brace for more complex orthodontic issues.

In fact, Six Month Smiles aligners are specifically designed to straighten the front six teeth in your mouth, hence the shorter treatment time and the easier overall treatment.

If our dentist in Wrexham determines that you need more complex treatment, don’t despair! You may still be eligible for treatment with another invisible or clear aligner.

No need for an orthodontist

Growing up, you probably had at least one friend who wore an orthodontic (or metal) brace.

And, as the name suggests, this brace required the input and expertise of an orthodontic practitioner to create the desired final effect.

While Six Month Smiles do indeed move your teeth, there is no need for an orthodontist and our general, highly skilled dental team can oversee your treatment.

It really does take six months!

You may have scoffed at the idea of a brace which straightens teeth in six months, but it isn’t named Six Month Smiles without reason!

On average, the procedure to move your front teeth will take about six months, but depending on the severity of misalignment, it may take slightly longer. And as it is a fitted brace, there will be some targeted adjustments required to get that straighter smile you want!

No root damage

Despite the myths, Six Month Smiles does not cause any root damage when compared to traditional braces and will not put pressure on your jaw.

Clear braces

Although it is fitted aligner, the brackets which hold the slim wire to your teeth are clear, making it less noticeable than traditional, metal braces.

More comfort

With a shorter treatment time and fewer adjustments, Six Month Smiles is more comfortable than traditional braces in both day-to-day life and after tightening sessions.