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How to take care of your teeth this Easter

Easter is just around the corner and the shops are full of chocolatey and high sugar snacks. Whether you’re arranging an egg hunt for the children, or just celebrating by having family and friends around, Easter can be a difficult time of year for your teeth.

However, by following a few simple tips, you can protect your teeth from the damage Easter can have on your oral health. We have put together a list of top tips for you below:

Eat chocolate at meal times

We are not going to tell you to avoid chocolate completely – not even we could do that! What we do advise is that you limit your chocolate consumption to at meal times only. This minimises the exposure your mouth has to the sugars within the chocolate. These sugars react with the bacteria in your mouth and start to attack the teeth – which can cause decay.

When you limit yourself to eating chocolate only at mealtimes, you are allowing the acidity levels in your mouth to neutralise. After consuming sugary or acidic food and drink, your mouth can take up to an hour to return to its normal pH level.

Drink lots of water

You should do this anyway, but especially when you are going to be overindulging on high sugar foods like chocolate and sweets. Drinking water aids the production of saliva in the mouth. Saliva helps to neutralise the acid, which prevents erosion of the enamel.

Wait to brush

Many people rush to brush their teeth straight after they’ve enjoyed some chocolate. They could be doing their teeth more harm than good. Acid softens enamel, making it more delicate and prone to damage from brushing. You should wait at least half an hour to brush your teeth after eating or drinking anything, not just chocolate. This rule also applies the other way around – wait half an hour after brushing to eat or drink anything.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth

Easter can be a busy time of year, where you may be travelling to visit family and friends. It is important to keep up your usual oral health routine as much as possible. This includes brushing twice a day (for two minutes) with fluoride toothpaste, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash.

If you would like more advice on looking after your oral health over Easter, or throughout the rest of the year, we can offer you our top tips. To book an appointment at Gwersyllt Dental Care, call us on 01978 757 409.

Halloween tooth care tips

It’s almost half term, and Halloween is just around the corner. Venture into any shop and you’ll be faced with all manner of ghastly, ghostly surprises and an endless array of spooky sweets and treats. Even if you are not easily scared, the sight of all that sugar is enough to put shivers in the spine of any tooth-conscious parent. And that’s before we even mention the traditional trick-or-treating… So how can you help to keep the sugar levels down during half term and Halloween and help your children to keep their teeth in tip-top condition? Here are a few ideas.

Fang-tastic foods

A great way to have some family fun during Halloween is to experiment with creating some fang-tastic foods for the family to share. Whether you are planning to host a haunted house party or simply enjoying creating some devilish delights for the family to share, cooking is a great way to spend time together when the weather is not so favourable. It’s also a great way to ensure that your children get their fangs into some more tooth-friendly treats.

From creepy cakes to spooky snacks, take some time to research recipes that are based on sugar-free or low sugar ingredients. This will reduce the risk to your children’s teeth. Dark chocolate, with its lower sugar content, can be a great alternative to milk chocolate and some fruits such as dates can be used as a substitute for processed sugar to help make your creepy creations healthier.

There is also plenty of fun to be had with natural alternatives to processed sweets and snacks. Nuts, dried fruit and fresh fruit are all ideal for some frightful fun. Don’t overlook how much Halloween fun can also be had with seasonal vegetables for both main meals and snacks too. Even pumpkin can be used to cook a range of delicious, nutritious snacks.

To keep your children’s teeth healthy, it is recommended that sweet snacks and foods are consumed at mealtimes wherever possible to reduce the amount of time that your children’s teeth are exposed to sugar.

Creepy Crafts

One of the best ways to keep the kids away from the sweets and snacks that surround them at Halloween is to keep them busy and distracted – and some Halloween handicraft is one of the best ways to do this. It’s also a great way to create costumes, decorations and more for a fraction of the cost. Even if you do not consider yourself the most creative or imaginative person, there are endless ideas available online to keep little minds and hands busy.

Recycling and repurposing materials from around the house can also turn this into a low cost and educational activity to keep the kids totally engaged.

Don’t neglect the gnashers

Making sure your children brush those monstrous little gnashers twice a day for at least two minutes is extremely important – especially if they have been indulging a little more than usual as is inevitable at halloween. It is also important to ensure that kids don’t skip the tooth-brushing regime during the half term break which can easily happen when they stay up a little later than usual and the routine tends to be more relaxed. Also be sure to make sure they use a fluoride toothpaste for maximum protection

Here at Gwersyllt Dental Care in Wrexham, we pride ourselves in offering a friendly and caring environment for the whole family. If you have any concerns about your childrens’ teeth, we are more than happy to discuss them with you and arrange a visit with a dentist as required. To book an appointment for your family now or to enquire about joining the practice, call us on Preston 01978 757409 or click here to contact us online.

Festival Fun? Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush!

Although the weather might not show it, it is still summer and there are still some precious days of the summer holidays left before the kids go back to school and life returns to normality. Plus, there is a long weekend just around the corner. A perfect opportunity for a last minute camping adventure  – or a weekend at one of the many late summer music festivals around the UK. Of course, packing a tent and plenty of waterproof clothing is top of the list of priorities. There is one other item that you really shouldn’t go without – your toothbrush. Read on to learn why this should be one of the most important items to pack.

A Growing Trend

Here in Britain, we love a festival. Even if it does mean getting soaked to the skin and covered in mud. Of course, Glastonbury is the king of all festivals, but there are many others both well-known and not so well known throughout the country. As many as one in ten 18-34 year olds have either attended or are planning to attend a festival this summer. Many more people either side of this age group are also likely to do so.

Tempting Trouble

Despite a general increase in awareness of the importance of good oral health, research conducted by the Oral Health Foundation and Polo Sugar Free discovered that people are putting their oral health at risk when attending music festivals. The survey revealed that as many as thirty percent of festival goers brushed their teeth as little as once a day or even less. They are putting themselves at serious risk of experiencing trouble with their teeth. By brushing your teeth just once a day instead of the recommended twice, you increase the risk of tooth decay by up to 30% as acids are able to attack the teeth for considerably longer periods.

A Dangerous Diet

One of the problems associated with festivals is the typical diet. A typical festival goer’s diet was found to include large amounts of sugary foods and drinks, and of course there was plenty of alcohol in the mix. All of this means that brushing at a festival should be an even higher priority than usual. After eating anything sugary your teeth are attacked by acid for up to an hour. If you consume sweet products regularly throughout the period of a weekend, the attack will become continuous.

Positive Signs

Despite concern at the lack of brushing, the Oral Health foundation did also find some encouraging signs – a toothbrush was top of the packing list for over a quarter of people surveyed, and even came at a higher priority than other essentials such as deodorant, baby wipes and even toilet roll. Evidently, the intention is there – but like anything else, it is the action that is important, and in no place more so that protecting our teeth.

If you haven’t been to a festival yet but are still planning to, the advice is simple – pack your toothbrush, and remember to brush twice a day!

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Get ready for National Smile Month

This year, we will be joining dentists up and down the country to play our part in supporting National Smile Month. It is the UK’s largest and longest running dental health campaign.

When is National Smile Month?

This year, National Smile Month will take place from May 15th to June 15th. It features an incredible 3,000 events across the country as well as participation from dentists, doctors and many others.

What is National Smile Month?

National Smile Month is a UK wide campaign that is held every year. It’s purpose is to promote good oral health for people of all ages. The event is organised by British oral health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, and the aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of important health issues and make a positive difference to the oral health of millions across the country.

Supported by dentists, teachers, pharmacies, health professionals, other community-based organisations and even workplaces, we aim to educate, motivate and communicate positive oral health messages and improve the quality of smiles all around the UK.

Our main aim is to encourage both adults and children to embrace good oral hygiene habits in a way that is fun and enjoyable.

What are the key messages of National Smile Month?

The National Smile Month campaign is based on three key messages:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and on at least one other occasion with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.
  • Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.

Together, these three simple steps go a long way in helping us develop and maintain a healthy mouth.

When did National Smile Month begin?

National Smile Month was first celebrated in 1977. It has grown in popularity and participation ever since. The event is led by a wide-range group of people who have one thing in common – a passion for health and wellbeing.

Since its creation just over 40 years ago, National Smile Month has helped facilitate thousands of events and projects. It continues to act as the spearhead campaign for providing organised grassroots activities such as fun days, talks, sponsored events, roadshows, displays, open sessions and competitions – all which have the ultimate goal of engaging people in the importance of oral health.

How can my family and I take part in National Smile Month?

There are many ways you and your family and get involved with National Smile Month. Firstly, look out for events at your local school, playgroup, community centre or health centre. You might also want to ask your dentist about any events they may be running.

In addition, visit the official website  where you will find lots of resources and information to help you get involved.

Here at Gwersyllt Dental Care in Wrexham, we pride ourselves in offering the very best in family dentistry all year round, providing friendly and professional care in a family friendly environment. To enquire about becoming a member, book an appointment or simply ask us a question about your family’s dental health, call us N on 01978 757409 or contact us online here.

Step into Spring with Confidence with a Half Price Dental Examination

After what seems to have been an endless winter, the temperature is finally on the rise and the sun is beginning to shine. You may have even noticed that the flowers are beginning to open in the garden, bringing with them a welcome splash of colour. Spring is traditionally a time for new life and new beginnings, so what better time than now to give your teeth a ‘spring clean’ so that you can step into spring with confidence? To help you, we’re offering half price examinations until the end of March here at Gwersyllt Dental Care in Wrexham.

Why should I get my teeth checked?

If you don’t remember your last visit to the dentist or it’s been over half a year, we recommend that you book a dental examination now. Even if you are not aware of any problems, it is important for a dentist to examine your teeth and gums to make sure that there are no problems developing.

Early signs of tooth decay, gum disease and even oral cancer are often only visible to the trained eye. Catching them quickly means that they can often be addressed and treated before they become a noticeable and painful problem. At Gwersyllt Dental Care, we pride ourselves in a proactive approach to dentistry that is based on prevention rather than cure – but we need to see you first!

Why choose Gwersyllt Dental Care?

Here in our Wrexham dental practice, we offer the very best in dental care and customer service for every patient. We have a team of family friendly dental experts who will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, and are always available to answer your questions. We can offer you all the advice you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums for you and your family, as well as advice on the wide range of corrective and cosmetic dentistry available from us including teeth whitening, crowns and veneers, bridges and dental implants.

Where can I find Gwersyllt Dental Care?

Gwersyllt Dental Care is located just off Mold Road at number 2 High Street, Gwersyllt, Wrexham, just a few metres walk from Gwersyllt train station. Our convenient location means that you can avoid the town centre traffic, saving time and stress.

How can I book my half price examination?

To book your half price examination at Gwersyllt Dental Care, simply call our friendly team now on Wrexham 01978 757409 or use our simple online facility to book an appointment or request a call back.

Book your half price examination now and step into spring with confidence!

5 Ideas for a Sugar Free Easter

Unless you are lucky enough to totally avoid supermarkets (and if you are, we’d love to hear your secrets), it is hard to escape the fact that Easter is just around the corner. The shelves are adorned with chocolate eggs or every size, chocolate rabbits and all manner of other offerings which have varying degrees of relation to what Easter is actually all about. Whilst there is enjoyment to be gained from watching children enjoy their heist of sweet surprises come Easter Sunday, it is also a time to be more concerned than ever about the health of your childrens’ teeth. To help make your family’s Easter a little more tooth-friendly, we’ve prepared 5 suggestions for a sugar free Easter.

1. Get Crafty

Nobody said that every egg you give must be made of chocolate. Indeed, nobody said that it must be filled with sweets either. With such an excellent range of crafting materials available both online and in high street retailers, why not craft an eggy gift that contains something your children can play and engage with rather than eat? For bonus points, you could even make an egg out of paper mache or something similar and put something educational in it.

2. Baskets

Another great way to avoid the chocolate eggs is to prepare Easter baskets filled with a range of offerings that excludes sugar and sweets.You could colour code the baskets to each child’s taste and make the gifts relevant to their interests – think football, animals and the like… Lego, puzzles and stickers are all also great ideas which can be easily themed for Easter.

3. Go Real

If you really want to enjoy an egg sharing session with edible eggs, why not substitute chocolate eggs with real ones? In some countries, it is still traditional for children to paint and decorate hard boiled eggs before exchanging them on Easter Sunday. A quick look online should be enough to find food-safe egg dyes, which in conjunction with wax crayons can make for a highly enjoyable activity session with completely sugar free edible results.

4. Be Nutty

If you’d like to share some snacks but add a healthy twist, nuts, raisins and savoury snacks can be used to great effect. Find some small organza bags, decorative foil wrap (the type often used for flowers or bottles) or any other material with which you can fashion an attractive pouch and fill it with the most healthy and natural munchies you can find. Add ribbons and other decorations to make them totally seasonal. Of course, be careful of choking hazards for smaller children.

5. Dark and Delicious

If you really do feel the urge to have some chocolatey treats of your own creation to indulge in during Easter, a simple way to substantially reduce the amount of sugar used is to substitute milk chocolate with natural, unsweetened dark chocolate. You may also wish to bake with sugar substitutes. There is a plethora of mouth-watering low sugar Easter recipes to be found online.

At Gwersyllt Dental Care in Wrexham, we pride ourselves in offering a friendly and caring environment for the whole family. If you have any concerns about your childrens’ teeth, we are more than happy to discuss them with you and arrange a visit with a dentist as required. To book an appointment for your family now or to enquire about joining the practice, call us on Wrexham 01978 757409 or contact us online with our simple form available here.