Are you in need of urgent dental care?

Have you recently had a dental emergency and are in need of urgent attention? Whether you have had an accident which has resulted in either a chipped or broken tooth, or have noticed something not quite right with your oral health, if you visit us at Gwersyllt Dental Practice as soon as possible, our dentist in Wrexham will be able to provide you with emergency dental care.

An introduction to Gwersyllt Dental Practice

Located in Wrexham, our practice is committed to providing the highest quality of dental treatment for both children and adult patients, using the latest in technology to deliver outstanding dental care. Within our modern dental surgery, our team recognises the importance of feeling good about your teeth and smile, which is why we put the needs of our patients first and create both a supportive and positive environment for all those who visit our practice.

Emergency dental care at our dental practice

Whether you are a new or existing patient at our practice, if you are in need of emergency dental care, when you book an emergency dental appointment with us, whatever your dental issue may be, our dentist in Wrexham will be able to help.

Firstly, our dentist will conduct a thorough examination which may include dental X-rays of the injured area. This is done in order to determine how serious the damage is. If you are also experiencing pain, our dentist can also provide some temporary pain relief in the form of a local anaesthetic which will numb the injured area.

If for example you have a chipped or broken tooth, our dentist will work to restore the damaged tooth either temporarily or permanently. If the damage is severe and your tooth requires further dental treatment such as an extraction or an implant treatment, our dentist in Wrexham will discuss this with you and provide you with a temporary solution until your next appointment.

The benefits of book an emergency dental appointment with us

Whether you are dealing with a toothache, chipped tooth, facial swelling or a broken crown, the sooner you book an emergency dental appointment with us the sooner it ensures that your injuries are able to be treated quickly, which in turn speeds up the healing process and can avoid you experiencing future dental complications in the future. Additionally, visiting our practice as soon as you are in need of emergency dental care makes certain that your remaining tooth structure is preserved, which also contributes to your oral health as a whole remaining good.

Tooth extractions at our dentist

If following your emergency dental appointment, it is identified that your tooth may need to be extracted, we will ask you to attend our practice again to undergo a tooth extraction. Sometimes carried out under a local anaesthetic, one of our dentists will carefully extract your tooth using the necessary equipment and under a sterile environment to minimise the risk of infection. Following a tooth extraction you can expect both a quick recovery and healing time.