A look at the services provided by our dentist in Wrexham

To most people, a dental practice is only a place they would wish to visit when there is only an absolute need to do so, as, in the minds of many, these are places that are associated with drilling teeth and removing them from a patient’s mouth. If this is your perception of what dental practices have to offer, then you may be allowing yourself to sell the dental practice short in your own mind and missing out on the other treatments and services they have to offer.

Many modern dental practices have so much more to offer their patients besides the ideas and treatments normally associated with dentistry since, in many cases, these practices have decided to branch out into new areas that many patients may not have thought about when they think about their dentist in Wrexham. Some of these new areas may be surprising to many patients, as they may not consider looking at a dental practice for treatments such as facial aesthetics.

At Gwersyllt Dental Practice, we want all of our patients to fully understand the range of services and treatments that we have to offer. In that way, patients can access any services and treatments that they have been looking for in a place they are familiar with, where they can feel safe and be treated by professionals they can trust.

A range of treatments to suit your needs and desires

Our dentist in Wrexham wants to offer you a range of services and treatments that we feel will meet your desires as well as your needs. This has led us to branch out into cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics alongside the traditional treatments associated with dental professionals. Doing so allows us to offer you tooth whitening and dermal filler injections, as well as tooth fillings and extractions.

We understand that patients would want to visit a safe and comfortable space that is staffed by fully trained professionals when they are receiving treatment of any kind, as this will help put them at ease and make them feel more confident with the treatment they receive.

We know it may seem odd to think of dental professionals offering injectable cosmetic treatment to their patients until you start to consider the type of training such professionals have received and the many years they spent studying and practising administering injections into the sensitive areas of a person’s face without damaging any of the tiny muscles that lay just below the skin of the face. This may well make a dental professional one of the safest people to administer injectable cosmetic treatments to your face or neck.

The next time you visit your dental practice

The next time you visit your dental practice you may want to take a look around, as many of these places will have literature and advertising about many of the treatments and services they offer. This could help you to find a treatment that you may be interested in receiving, as well as accurate information, right there at your dentist in Wrexham. We are an independent family dental practice, offering high-quality affordable dental care.