5 Ideas for a Sugar Free Easter

Unless you are lucky enough to totally avoid supermarkets (and if you are, we’d love to hear your secrets), it is hard to escape the fact that Easter is just around the corner. The shelves are adorned with chocolate eggs or every size, chocolate rabbits and all manner of other offerings which have varying degrees of relation to what Easter is actually all about. Whilst there is enjoyment to be gained from watching children enjoy their heist of sweet surprises come Easter Sunday, it is also a time to be more concerned than ever about the health of your childrens’ teeth. To help make your family’s Easter a little more tooth-friendly, we’ve prepared 5 suggestions for a sugar free Easter.

1. Get Crafty

Nobody said that every egg you give must be made of chocolate. Indeed, nobody said that it must be filled with sweets either. With such an excellent range of crafting materials available both online and in high street retailers, why not craft an eggy gift that contains something your children can play and engage with rather than eat? For bonus points, you could even make an egg out of paper mache or something similar and put something educational in it.

2. Baskets

Another great way to avoid the chocolate eggs is to prepare Easter baskets filled with a range of offerings that excludes sugar and sweets.You could colour code the baskets to each child’s taste and make the gifts relevant to their interests – think football, animals and the like… Lego, puzzles and stickers are all also great ideas which can be easily themed for Easter.

3. Go Real

If you really want to enjoy an egg sharing session with edible eggs, why not substitute chocolate eggs with real ones? In some countries, it is still traditional for children to paint and decorate hard boiled eggs before exchanging them on Easter Sunday. A quick look online should be enough to find food-safe egg dyes, which in conjunction with wax crayons can make for a highly enjoyable activity session with completely sugar free edible results.

4. Be Nutty

If you’d like to share some snacks but add a healthy twist, nuts, raisins and savoury snacks can be used to great effect. Find some small organza bags, decorative foil wrap (the type often used for flowers or bottles) or any other material with which you can fashion an attractive pouch and fill it with the most healthy and natural munchies you can find. Add ribbons and other decorations to make them totally seasonal. Of course, be careful of choking hazards for smaller children.

5. Dark and Delicious

If you really do feel the urge to have some chocolatey treats of your own creation to indulge in during Easter, a simple way to substantially reduce the amount of sugar used is to substitute milk chocolate with natural, unsweetened dark chocolate. You may also wish to bake with sugar substitutes. There is a plethora of mouth-watering low sugar Easter recipes to be found online.

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